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Help guideline

To use this website for translation, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select your translation language (e.g. From:English To:Arabic)
  2. Prepare your dictionaries' list; select dictionaries that you want to use during your translation
  3. Start your translation!
  • Read and Highlight!
    1. You can add your original text in the text area, then read it and highlight diificult words (by using @ character before the word and * after it, then click on the highlight button)
    2. Your highlighted words will be displayed as a list, beside the original text area
  • Translate your difficult words!
    1. The translator will be set to the language which you choosed and it will displays your dictionaries list which you prepared
    2. You have the ability to edit the trnanslator's language (i.g. From:Arabic To:English)
    3. You can type a word in the translation area and translates it using any dictionary from the list, then click on translate.
    4. System will display the translation result in the result text box.
  • Use editor to write your translated text
    1. You can write your translated text using the editor text area.
    2. When you finish writing your translated text, you can export it as Word or PDF.
    3. Or, you can save your work for later editing by clicking Save for later editing button.

Website Accessibility:

  • (Control+ Alt + n) to click Next button
  • (Control+ Alt + l) to login
  • (Control+ Alt + o) to logout
  • (Control+ Alt + h) to highlight
  • (Control+ Alt + c) to clear highlighted list
  • (Control+ Alt + t) to translate
  • (Control+ Alt + s) to save for later editing
  • (Control+ Alt + d) to click on register, login, save and delete buttons
  • (Control+ Alt + 1) to select the first language (From)
  • (Control+ Alt + 2) to select the second language (To)
  • (Control+ Alt + y) to click yes option
  • (Control+ Alt + n) to click no option